Sorrento Travel Tips

How to reach Sorrento.

how to reach Sorrento and how to move around

From Fiumicino (FCO) airport:

Once landed at Fiumicino Airport, there are two possibilities to travel to Sorrento: private transfers or public transportation.

The most comfortable option, but more expensive as well, is booking one of our private vans bringing you straight to the home vacation. With a little surcharge, you can also have a stop at Vesuvius or Pompeii/Herculaneum Archeological Site. You can stop on the way and take pictures from our most panoramic spots.

The other option consists in using public transportation.
Let’s start saying that from Fiumicino airport you will need to take the “Leonardo Expert”, a bus running every 30’ (it is not available at night) that will bring you at Termini Station, the main one in Rome, in 32’.

There is actually another option: a regional train (FL1), with this one you can only reach Tiburtina Station (48’), this is also a high speed train station, but not the main one (Termini). From Tiburtina Station another option is a bus (Marozzi) going straight to Sorrento in about 4h. Once arrived at Termini Station, the suggestion is to take a high speed train (Frecciarossa or Italo): in 70’ you will arrive at Naples Central Station – Garibaldi.
From Naples Station a private van is the best thing to consider for various reasons:

  • A taxi from Naples would be more expensive and this would not be able to bring you straight to the home vacation;
  • The EAV (Circumvesuviana) does not offer a service matching our quality standards. Also, once in Sorrento you will need to change on a bus or a taxi to reach your place;
  • Naples Harbour (Molo Beverello) is quite far from Garibaldi Station, so you would still need another transport method (tram, bus or taxi) and once at Sorrento Harbour (Marina Piccola) i twill be the same: taxi or bus.

When travelling with big suitcases and tired from a long journey all these changes are not the best!

From Naples Airport:

From Capodichino Airport, our customers almost always take one of our private vans. With a little surcharge, they also have a stop at Vesuvius or Pompeii/ Herculaneum Archeological Site.

Another option is a bus (Curreri) going from Naples Airport to Sorrento train Station, but once there you will need to take another bus or a taxi to reach the home vacation.

The third option, the most difficult one, is to take a bus (Alibus) to reach Naples Station – Garibaldi or Naples harbour (Molo Beverello) and from there take a Circumvesuviana train or a ferry from the company Alilauro. As we said before, you need always to consider another kind of transport (bus or taxi) to reach your destination.

How to move around Sorrento

One of the important considerations to make when booking a home vacation concerns transports. On this matter we need to consider the difference between short and long distance.

Short Distance (Sorrento Peninsula)

During the high season, there is not much difference in terms of comfort between a car or public transportation (here below timetables for the three bus companies EAV, Sita, Cooperativa Tasso) – during low season a car would be better, especially if your home vacation is not central, Massa Lubrense for exemple. Buses do not run with the same time tables and they tend to run less especially at night time.

Long distance (towards Naples and the Amalfi Coast)

If you plan to visit Naples, the suggestioni s to take a ferry from Alilauro (timetables below). They leave from Marina Piccola and in 45’ will bring you to Naples. To reach Marina Piccola, you can walk about 10’ from Piazza Tasso or take a Cooperativa Tasso bus.

The other option, it less expensive but it is less comfortable as well, is the Circumvesuviana train. The trains reach Naples in 70’. This is not something we would suggest because the company has not been working well during the last years. Even if it has started working better now, especially improving the service with new trains, the ferry is still a better solution.

If the destination is Pompeii or Herculaneum Archeological Site, the Circumvesuviana is the best option (unless you book a private van) because the stops are situated very close to the entrances. The stops are “Pompei Scavi – Villa dei Misteri” and “Ercolano Scavi”.

If visiting the Amalfi Coast, a private van is the best solution for various reasons: roads are very narrow, so you need to be used to them, parking are very expensive and almost always full especially in high season.

Our drivers are also a kind of guide, they are locals and will be able to give you suggestions on what to do, where to eat ecc.

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